Tidhar is a leading construction company in Israel that views quality and customer satisfaction as its top values. These values are the driving force behind its continuous innovation and drive to improve. When it identified water leaks as a potential risk to meeting timelines, it chose to eliminate it with cutting-edge .water leak detection devices. 

For Tidhar Construction, water leaks mean higher costs and delayed projects. Leak detection systems (LDS) ystems are initially installed on the water mains, and devices are added to newly constructed areas and additional floors as the project advances. 

When the system detects leaks it can shut off water to the entire site or to the affected area. Sites have the option to choose automated shutoff or an alert-only policy, depending on their preferences and needs.

Water management systems communicate over the cellular network so they can be deployed at all sites even before internet infrastructure has been set at the site.

Since the probability of water damage is relatively high on the first year after the completion of a construction project – Tidhar are ensuring that the leak detection systems remain installed, continuing to protect building even after construction.

Since it started deploying devices at its sites, Tidhar has never suffered a single water damage event. It prevented costs from water damage and the resulting schedule delays, further improving its reputation for top quality and customer satisfaction. And as a side benefit, the company has saved money by cutting out water waste.

Since installing LDS, no damaging leaks ever occurred at Tidhar’s construction sites.


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20% water savings

global ROI - 2 years.

HP selected LDS to install on all European sites.   


Company reports 28% water savings after installing LDS

ROI - 1.5 years


A billion dollar construction company, puts an end to damaging leaks at construction sites after installing water leak detection systems.


A real estate giant eliminates water waste and saves a fortune. 

Azrieli Towers is a large office and mall complex. Its 3 towers and multi-level mall constitute over 2 million square feet of office and retails space. It maintains a pleasant environment for shoppers and tenants with an air-conditioning system based on cooling towers. Up until they installed LDS, they didn’t know they were wasting massive amounts of water.

With three high-rise towers, the air-conditioning system for two million square feet of retail and office space used a lot of water and was costing the company a great deal of money. As part of its ongoing operational excellence program, Azrieli management requested an analysis of these costs.

To analyse water consumption, Azrieli installed LDS on its cooling towers. Soon after systems were installed, their algorithms identified irregular operation at the cooling towers resulting in excessive use of water. The issue was easily traced to a mechanical fault which was wasting over 66,000 gallons per day. Once identified, the issue was easily resolved, saving Azrieli hundreds of thousands per year.

With savings of many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year at the Azrieli mall, it was a no-brainer for the company to install the LDS in all its other locations and now monitors cooling towers at all its facilities. With LDS, Azrieli ensures proper operation, saves money and reduces its impact on the environment.

By detection the cooling tower malfunction, the mall saved over 25,000,000 gallons per year