​prevention is the best insurance against site floods 

A water leak can set a building project back weeks or months and cost a fortune. Leak events that happen over the weekend will go unnoticed, and leaks in an upper floor will damage floors below. Even if you’re insured, deductibles can be significant, and premiums may rise. Will you even deliver the project on time? The damage to your reputation could be incalculable. Ensure the continuity of your construction project and prevent expensive downtime because of leaks with LT. Our state-of-art solution will allow you to:

  • Detect the leak at the source, before the damage has spread
  • Automatically stop the water and alerts you immediately
  • Suggest where the leak is
  • Protect your site with autonomous devices and Artificial Intelligence


don't let cooling towers waste your money

Cooling towers use vast amounts of water during normal operation. A hidden mechanical fault that’s simple to fix could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in wasted water. LT is committed to help you to:

  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by detecting cooling tower failures
  • Monitor water use at the cooling tower
  • Alert you when the tower unnecessarily wastes water
  • Fully integrate with building management systems
  • Help you meet your sustainability targets

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prevent leaks before they affect your guests

Hotels and restaurants use a lot of water and thus are especially vulnerable to water damage. In hotels, a leak could mean shutting down a room, a wing or a whole floor. In a restaurant, a few days of unexpected shutdown could be the difference between profit and loss. Your patrons might leave and never come back. That’s lost revenue and bad publicity. With  LT, guarding against water damage is easy and efficient – and it saves you money as soon as it installed:

  • Have your staff alerted immediately when a leak happens to minimize impact on guests
  • Support your environmental policies and achieve your sustainability goals
  • Reduce water use - and your bills - by 20%~28%
  • Reduce the risk of expensive damage


​stop leaks from becoming disasters 

Your customers and tenants seek a smooth experience. They expect proactive prevention of issues and instant solutions when problems arise. Water leaks will be an inconvenience at best or a major source of business disruption and unnecessary expenses. With LT, your staff will receive alerts when water leaks into your facility. When a leak happens, you can choose to automatically shut-off the water or to be alerted for further investigation. Furthermore, to support your sustainability initiatives both you and your customers can regularly monitor the facility’s water usage to identify misuse and waste, and to reduce consumption. With our intelligent devices, you can:

  • Alert staff about leaks and waste in real time, remotely control valves and water shut-offs
  • Deliver great service with immediate response to leak events
  • Get ongoing and historical reports about water use and leaks, identify potential water savings
  • Support the organization’s environmental initiatives 
  • Provide a water-secure facility that reduces customers’ water risk

Our Solutions for Enterprises, Facility Management, Hospitality, Construction, Data Centres, Cooling Towers, Private Households


don't let water destroy information

Water leaks can completely shut down a data center or other mission critical facilities. LT ensures the continuity of your business, prevents downtime as a result of leaks, and protects your valuable equipment and data from water disasters.

  • Detects leaks at the source, not when water is already pooled on the floor
  • Uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and pattern matching technology to deliver accurate and timely detection
  • Automatically stops the water flow and alerts you immediately
  • Suggests where the leak may be so you can quickly fix it​
  • Ensures protection at all times with fully autonomous units.


prevent water damage, get control over your water usage

A lot of water enters your building. At some point, leaks happen and entire systems of the building can be affected (power, elevators, computers, equipment, interior of multiple offices/apartments) - damages add up. In addition, if you calculate the disruption to your business (lost productivity, project delays, clients' disappointment), the costs can be huge. 
Like any risk to your business, water must be closely monitored, otherwise, you'll only know you've got a leak when it's too late and damage is done. With LT, guarding against water damage is easy and efficient. 

  • our devices monitor water flows at all times identifying sources of leaks and inefficiencies 
  • our algorithms-based devices enable automatic and remote shut-off of water flows to prevent leak damages
  • our cloud based management tools provide complete visibility and control


protect your property, save on repairs and water bills 

Water leaks and burst pipes happen any time at any property. Our unique product finally brings you a peace of mind when you are at or away from home. As a property owner, you can monitor your water consumption, be in control of your water use any time and from any spot in the world, be confident that your property is securely protected from any possible water leaks when you need to leave if for loner periods of time. We are happy to offer our services to:

  • ​Alert you about leaks in real-time
  • Shut off water valve immediately and thus prevent the possible property damage caused by water
  • Save you hundreds of dollars on water bills and thousands of dollars on water damage repairs
  • Leave greener and help the world to save water 
  • ​Utilize the innovative technology to identify the sources of leaks and manage your property's water-related issues remotely from your phone