Training and Coaching 

What we do

Customized  KPI reports, will be designed according to the facilities' needs.
The reports will provide you with all the information needed to identify the source of your constraint and bottlenecks.

We can provide:
1. Production reports.
2. Production analysis.
3. Shift analysis.
4. OEE
5. Set-Up analysis.
6. Downtime report analysis.
7. Downtime analysis.
8. Top issues in production.
9. Downtime alert.
10. OEE alert. 
11.Reject and cost for reject

What we do

LT offers  Time Study to Achieve a better balance in the workload of all your employees and reduce tasks that do not need. Time Study will be conducted at your facility, we will identify constraints and bottlenecks. 
Recommend on improvements needed, to increase your efficiency, availability and reduce your waste.

- Time study conducted at your facility.

- Set and verify your Cycle time and Takt time.

- Identify your constraints and bottlenecks.

- Identify the best sequence of motion for maximum efficiency and productivity. 

- Eliminate unnecessary motion at work.

- Recommendations for improvements needed.            

-  increase your efficiency and availability and reduce your waste.

- Process Improvement.

- Standardized Procedures.

- Add more value,  with less work.


  Level 1 - Lead hands 
​  Level 2 - Supervisors 
​  Level 3 - Production Managers 

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness identifies is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity OEE identifies the percentage of planned production time that is truly productive

- Implement the OEE measure.

- Train Management, Supervisors, and Employees on the OEE factors.

- Identify current status and your OEE goal.

- Analyze current OEE.

- Provide a strategic plan to increase your OEE.

-Define how to track the OEE.

- Set the correct data to receive an accurate OEE .

Unique Concept

Regardless of the stage that you are at, in your CI / Lean journey, we will help create sustainable change, by training, coaching and implementing CI philosophy and production control at the employee and supervisor level.

All courses will be held at your facility. The student will learn different theories and will practice them at your Gemba. A “Hands on” project and a final report, based on the facilities'  needs, are part of the training.

Training employees from the bottom up will create a sustainable change that will last.We believe that some of the best ideas come from the front line people.

Lean Takumi will provide true hand on training and implementation every step of the way, we will not just tell you what is wrong, we will teach, coach and work with you hand in hand until it is right and the mission is complete.

We will train your employees from the ground level up, as a way to create truly sustainable change. 

Industrial Engineering 

Analysis  Reports

OEE Visual display View and Monitor Production

What we do

We focus to improve manufacturing productivity with real-time data and Visual display.

Implementation steps 
1.  Learn the business needs and Evaluate your company's current state.

2. Recommend the right program and display for your industry.
* We provide products from various of suppliers.

3.  - Connect the unit/display.
     - Program the unit.
     - Train the operator and management.
     - Start collecting data.

4. Start tracking the OEE 

5. Customized  KPI reports.

6. Train operators and management how to work with our unique program to increase your OEEE.   

* CRM Report, CRM Alert, CRM Analysis   is an exclusive program that was developt by LT and increase your availability by 30%

5.  Sustain - work with you every step of the way to implement and sustain the recommendations.