* Conduct Kaizen and Lean Projects

Lead Kaizen events.
5s Events.
SMED Events.
Problem Solving.
Quality control and awareness.
Value Stream Mapping.
TPM program.
Value Stream mapping events.
Process Improvement.
Standardizes Procedures.

‚Äč* Consulting & Optimization of existing CI / Lean programs.

Audit the CI / Lean program.
Implement steps to increase availability SIC, DCS, Setup Control.
Implement OEE measures.
Implement the CRMR philosophy.
Conduct a SIPOC -Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers.
Conduct Value Stream mapping events.

Unlike traditional consultants, LT will provide true hands-on training and implementation every step of the way, we will not just tell you what is wrong, we will teach, coach and work with you hand in hand until it is right and the mission is complete.  

Our program has been proven to be successful in numerous companies: Hi-tech, Oil and Gas and Wood industry. 

Contact us at         (403)-607-6048             or             info@leantakumi.com

Consulting with results 

Our consulting focuses on ten steps to identify your needs,  recommend on CI & Lean Roadmap and implement our recommendation.
1.  Lean and Production assessment.
2.  Identify  constraints and bottlenecks -TOC.
3.  Process Improvement.
4.   Standardized Procedures.
5.  Data collecting and Visual Display assessment. 
6.  Data analysis.
7.  Evaluate TPM program. 
8.  Implement our recommendation by engaging your team and making them part of the change.
9.  Establish Continuous improvement.